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Scale modeling is something that I have always enjoyed and I find it very relaxing to do. It fascinated me if I could make something look realistic on a smaller scale and it didn’t matter if it was a car, truck, plane, ship or the handy work of God’s landscape scenery. Some of my fondest memories of my younger years were when my Dad and I were working on a model train layout and then taking pictures of it with a Polaroid camera and marveling at how realistic we made it look.

David L. Harris

His love for the American automobile, modeling, and detail.

First and foremost, Dad loved the Lord Jesus Christ, his wife, kids, & family, and his church... that cannot be left out. Yet his entire life he had a passion for cars. I’m told that when he was elementary age, his older brothers would get a kick out of the fact that he could tell them what automobile was coming down the street by hearing it and not seeing it. Dave’s knowledge of cars never stopped: he did body work (starting when they used to use wooden spoons), anything mechanical, swapping engines, brakes, tires, lettered race cars, you name it. In fact, when I was a teen, we completely took a part a small block Chevy, put it back together, and started it on the very first try.

Dave also enjoyed modeling and I have some of the models that he had built before I was born. His love for scale detail is represented in his collection of Danbury and Franklin Mint cars. There are about sixty die casts in his collection (not all of them Danbury/Franklin) that offer a nice representation of American made cars and trucks from the 30’s through the 70’s. This is the way that they should be displayed.

I was fortunate to get to share the love of cars and scale modeling with Dad and I learned a lot about both from him. I had made the “Garage” for him to display his die cast models in and he loved it. We really had fun letting people think it was a real garage from photos... before we told them it was a model.


Pastor Brent D. Harris
Spirit & Truth Fellowship

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