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StraightEdge Scale Models

Here are some free plans to build your own 20’x20’ Garage in 1:24 scale.


Eventually I would like to offer this as a kit, but since our church just bought a building my schedule is very limited and it will be a while before that happens. So I want to make the plans available in case anyone would like to make one of these garages on their own. A garage like this is not difficult to build, it just takes a little patience. I would rate it on a skill level 4, but only because you are making and painting all of the pieces used. This technique is similar to building wooden model airplanes.
   I am making this garage at the time of doing this web page. I have two walls framed and about half of the trusses. I haven’t seen, or came across, any problems with these plans. When completed it will be 10”x10” and I’ll probably put it on a birch plywood base. It has a single overhead door opening that is 18’ (9”) wide. I called for basswood in the instructions, but balsa will work and I used some balsa that I had available. Basswood is easier to work with, sturdy, and I think it looks better; plus there are no benefits to using balsa.

What You’ll Need


  • 1/16x1/8 basswood sticks (used as 2x4s)
  • 1/16x1/4 basswood sticks (used as 2x6s)
  • 1/32x4 basswood sheets (used as plywood)
  • CA glue (Super Glue)[you can use white glue, wood glue, or a combination]
  • .100”x.100” styrene plastic & model cement for the window frames
  • Clear plastic for the windows
  • Wax paper and tape


  • X-acto knife, hobby knife or razor saw to cut the wood
  • The plans and a ruler to make sure they printed at the right size.


Download and Print the Plans

There are four images (one for each wall) that you will need to download onto your computer. The plans are in jpeg format and should print 10.75”x8.25”. After you have printed them, check the dimensions that are in parenthesis to see if they are accurate. For instance, the “Garage Front” has the overall width at 20’ and 10” in parenthesis.
    If you’re having trouble with your usual image program, try the Windows Paint program. Remove the margins in page setup and print it at 100%. That worked for me when I was testing it.

Frame the Walls and Trusses

  • Take one of the plans (I would start with the Garage Left) and tape it to your work surface. Tape wax paper over it. 
  • Measure, mark, and cut all of the 2x4 and 2x6 pieces you will need to frame the wall by making them match the drawing.
  • By lining up the 2x4’s over the drawing, glue them together until your wall is framed.
    • Repeat this process for all four walls. When they are complete, you stand them up, put them together and have a framed garage. NOTE: I would sheet them with the plywood before I put the walls up and wait to put on the top plate (2nd 2x4 on top) until after the walls are up.

The picture shows the left side with pieces cut, ready to place, and glue together. Notice the wax paper over the plans to keep the wood from sticking to the plans during the glue process. I use Super Glue because it dries fast and is plenty strong enough. The Back and Front are complete and there are five or so trusses complete. The .100”x.100” Strip Styrene shown will be used to do the window frames later.

Right click on the images below and choose “Save target as” to save the file onto your computer. If you click on them, save the image that opens onto your computer.


[Back View - JPEG]

TG-Front TG-Left

[Front View - JPEG]

[Left Side - JPEG]


[CAD dxf File]


[Right Side - JPEG]

PLEASE! DO NOT REPOST THESE FREE FILES. Feel free to link or direct people to this site, but I would ask that you do not repost these images elsewhere on the internet.

Later I want to add more instruction and photos including ideas on the siding, LED lights, and sandpaper shingles. Hopefully you appreciate the time and effort that I’ve contributed for free. It is a neat way to make your models look real! God Bless! Pastor Brent at

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