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StraightEdge Scale Models

Some of the cars were made by me from plastic or die cast model kits. Others cars were prebuilt die cast cars, which I disassembled, detailed, and reassembled. A majority of the cars were inherited by me from my Dad’s collection of Danbury and Franklin mint die cast cars. For more information about my Dad and the collection, check out the Information page.

StraightEdge a.k.a.

Pastor Brent D. Harris
Spirit & Truth Fellowship 

Life scaled down a little...

The displays on this web site are examples of presentations for 24th scale model cars. None of the displays are built from “kits”, but rather, were designed, drafted, and constructed by me from plastic, basswood, and old model parts.

These are designed to fit on shelves in curio cabinets and add an interesting way to show off a model car collection besides just arranging them on a shelf.

I tried to give a little information about each display on their respective pages in order to give the model enthusiasts ideas for projects or how they might arrange their collections. Each page includes a photo of how the display sits on the shelf.

Visit Noah’s Ark

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1:160 Scale Model of the Ark

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